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The following frequently asked questions can help you with looking for work, paid or voluntary, explain what your rights and entitlements are as an employee, help you if you are being treated unfairly and guide you through solutions to the problems you may be experiencing.

Common questions

I have been suspended from work and/or invited to a disciplinary meeting, what can I do?

Suspension from work is not a form of disciplinary action in itself – it is commonly used by employers to remove employees from the workplace whilst they carry out investigations. If you have been invited to a disciplinary meeting, further guidance is available on the Citizens Advice website at: Work disciplinary meetings.

I have been disciplined at work and/or dismissed from my job, how do I challenge this?

In most cases, the best way to challenge disciplinary action will be to submit an appeal. Citizens Advice has guidance on how to make an appeal at: Appealing against disciplinary action If your appeal is unsuccessful, it may be possible for you to take matters further and bring an Employment Tribunal claim, however you should seek specialist advice on this first.

My employer has not paid my wages correctly, what should I do?

Citizens Advice has produced a fact sheet on what to do in this situation: Employer withholds your pay (pdf)

I have been made redundant – what payments am I entitled to from my employer?

Employees with at least 2 years’ continuous service will usually be eligible for statutory redundancy pay. A free redundancy pay calculator is available on the official Government website at: Calculate your redundancy pay Don’t forget that redundancy pay is payable in addition to any notice pay, holiday pay and wages that may be owed.

I am being bullied / harassed / treated unfairly at work, what can I do?

The first step would be to try and resolve things informally with your employer, although you do have the option of raising a formal grievance if you so wish. The Citizens Advice website has further information on problems at work: What to do if there is a problem at work If you wish to raise a grievance, they also have a useful tool to help you write a grievance letter: Letter to raise a grievance at work.

I am being discriminated against at work, what can I do?

If you feel that you are being discriminated against at work, it would be advisable to follow the same steps for bullying and harassment to begin with (see section above). However, discrimination is potentially illegal and could give rise to grounds for an Employment Tribunal claim as well. For further information on discrimination, see the Citizens Advice website: Discrimination

My employer wants to change my contract do I have to agree to this?

ACAS has produced a useful factsheet on changes to employment contracts and the main issues involved. You can find a copy here: Varying a contract of employment (pdf)

I am expecting a baby, what are my main rights & entitlements at work?

This factsheet from Citizens Advice outlines some of the main maternity rights at work: Maternity rights at work (pdf) There is also an accompanying factsheet for working fathers which covers paternity rights: Rights of working fathers (pdf)

I am thinking about becoming self-employed, how do I go about this?

The official Government website has a dedicated section on self-employment and setting up your own business: Business and self-employed

What is Pension Wise

Pension Wise is a Government service that will help you go through your options so you can make informed decisions about your pension that are best for you and your family. You can get information and guidance online at You can also book an appointment with an impartial guidance specialist on the phone or face-to-face. To book an appointment please call 0300 330 1001

How can I check my pension rights & entitlements?

For advice on pension rights, see the Pensions section on the AgeUk website.

Can I work past retirement age or do I have to retire?

You are free to continue working past retirement age if you choose to. Citizens Advice has also produced a useful checklist of things to consider when preparing for retirement: Preparing for retirement

Am I eligible for a Stockport Foodbank voucher?

If you are facing a crisis then the answer is probably yes. A crisis will vary from one person to another, it may be for reasons such as benefit delays, unemployment, short working hours, illness, an unexpected bill – whatever your crisis go and talk to one of Stockport Foodbank’s voucher agencies.

Where can I get a Stockport Foodbank voucher?

To get a Stockport Foodbank voucher there are a large number of voucher agencies that you can visit, including Stockport Direct Local Centres, Job Centre Plus, Citizens Advice Stockport, Housing Officers, Children Centres, Health Visitors or Social workers.

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