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Immigration and asylum

immigration and asylum
This section can offer you advice and information on your rights to live and work in this country if you and/or your family are not UK nationals.

Common questions

I would like to visit, study, or work in the UK, do I need a visa?

The UK Visas and Immigration has a free tool on their website to determine whether or not you need a visa to enter the UK. You can also find information on how to obtain a visa if you need one: Do you need a visa

How do I claim asylum in the UK?

Full details about the process for claiming asylum are available on the website: Claiming asylum EEA or Swiss nationals can enter the UK freely and so do not need to claim asylum.

How do I obtain the right to live in the UK?

Further information about settling in the UK is available from the UK Visas and Immigration at: Settlement EEA or Swiss nationals are free to settle in the UK and do not need any special permissions.

I would like to bring my family to the UK, can I do this?

UK Visas and Immigration has a dedicated section on their website covering partners and families, available at: Partners families If you are an EEA or Swiss national, the rules are slightly different. For details see: Apply for a UK residence card

I would like to become a British citizen, how do I do this?

The website has a full guide to applying for British citizenship: British citizenship

Can I appeal against a decision of the UK Visas and Immigration?

If you disagree with a UK Visas and Immigration decision, there are ways to challenge this. The process depends on what you applied for in the first place.

For visa applications: Appeals

For asylum applications: Claim asylum in the UK

For citizenship applications: Application for review when British citizenship is refused

My application or appeal has been refused, do I have to leave the UK?

If your application or appeal has been refused, you must return to the country that you came from, otherwise the UK Visas and Immigration will enforce your removal and may detain you or members of your family.

If you are leaving the UK, the Choices service (run by Refugee Action and backed by the UK Visas and Immigration) can help you to plan your return, apply for travel documents and book flights. They can also provide financial support. See: Refugee Action choices service

How can I find a qualified Immigration Adviser?

The Office of Immigration Services Commissioner website has information on how to find and choose a regulated Immigration Adviser: Adviser Finder

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