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The following questions offer you help and assistance in finding a suitable place to live that meets your and your family’s needs. It can also help with supporting you in other housing related matters including rent, mortgage, Council Tax and landlord issues.

Common questions

Am I paying the correct amount of Council Tax?

Stockport Council has information and advice about Council Tax bands and how to appeal.

How can I pay my Council Tax bill?

There is information on Stockport Council’s website on the different ways to pay your council Tax bill.

What are the rules on deposits for rented property?

Shelter has a range of information on tenancy deposits on their website, including how to reclaim a deposit and the various protection schemes available: Tenancy deposits.

I have a dispute with my neighbour / other resident, what can I do?

The Citizens Advice website covers many of the common neighbour disputes (noise, anti-social behaviour, access to land, etc) and how to deal with these issues. See: Neighbour disputes.

I want to stay in my own home but need essential items to help me to stay there, can I get help?

The Stockport Local Assistant Scheme and/or The Furniture Station may be able to help you. If you are eligible for the service than you can make an application online

Housing in later life

Check the Home and care page on AgeUK’s website. There is also a comprehensive guide on Housing options (pdf)

What if I am looking at care homes?

The My Care My Choice website offers advice and information on care homes and housing choices.

See the Care home page on the AgeUK website, and you can contact the local placement service at

Useful information

Citizens Advice

Citizens Advice Stockport

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