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Change the size of text and pages

To use the zoom controls in your web browser, press the following keys at the same time:

Ctrl + (Zoom in)
Ctrl – (Zoom out)
Ctrl 0 (Reset)

Access key shortcuts

The following access keys work with the SAIL website:

1 – Homepage
2 – Directory search
3 – Self-help
4 – Contact form
5 – Access page

How to use access keys

Access keys can be used on computers and laptops, they are useful if you use a screen reader or have difficulty using a mouse. They work through your web browser, here are the key combinations for the main browsers:

Chrome (PC): Alt + access key
Chrome (Mac): CTRL + Alt + access key
Firefox (PC) – Shift + Alt + access key
Firefox (Mac): CTRL + access key
Internet Explorer (PC) – Hold down the ALT key, press the number of the access key, release both keys then press ENTER
Safari (PC): Alt + access key
Sarafi (Mac): CTRL + Alt + access key

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